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This is the virtual learning environment for the online Level 2 Tai Chi Bang Instructors Courses This instructors course is accredited with Ascentis awards and SS&LCIC are delivering them in partnership with Master Jesse Tsao.



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Master Jesse Tsao says

"I have put this routine together, but the practice is a thousand years old and comes from the Eight Immortals in my hometown Penglai, China .
I  have combined a Taoist meditation, the Chen style Tai Chi coiling movements of the bang, with Taoist self-defence to make it a practice routine."


 "The Eight Immortals are linked to the initial development of qigong exercises such as the Eight Pieces of Brocade. There are some Chinese Martial Arts styles named after the Eight Immortals which use fighting techniques that are attributed to the characteristics of each immortal.
Each Immortal's power can be transferred to a power tool (法器) that can give life or destroy evil."
One of the Immortals was Han Xiang whose 'power tool' the flute, gives life.

If you take a look at Wikipedia, you will find lots of interesting information regarding the 8 Immortals. Some main links can be found below.
Eight Immortals

Han Xiang



So what are the benefits of Tai Chi Bang?
For a start it is a perfect introduction to the basic movements and stances of Tai Chi, so is highly suitable for beginners. As the Form includes weight changes and rotational movements the first 2 sections can also be used to help with Falls Prevention. The first 2 sections can be modified and performed seated, making it an inclusive practice for all.

This Tai Chi routine helps to:

  • Cultivate internal energy and its circulation.
  • Prevent carpal tunnel for computer users and musicians.
  • Promotes strength, balance and flexible joints.
  • Improves joint proprioception (See fitpro magazineOct/Nov 2010 issue for info on Tai Chi for Falls Prevention)
  • Provides a walking meditation.
  • Training tendons in the wrist for a stronger grip.
  • Is a unique method of training for joint lock in self defense.
  • Tennis, Squash, Cricket and Baseball player conditioning.
    Level 2 apt Tai Chi Bang Instructor course covers the 1st and 2nd section section of the Bang.
    Level 3 apt Tai Chi Bang Advanced Instructor course covers the 3rd section of the Bang - martial art applications. The pre requisite for Level 3 entry is the Level 2 course

    If you would like information regarding the Tai Chi Bang Instructor course, please scroll down and fill in the enquiries form on the next page.


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