Assignments for Level 3 


A Personal Reflective Diary is part of the assessment for this course. You are expected to make at least one contribution a week or have a minimum of 30 contributions. A handout is available at the bottom of the page, to help guide you through this process. 


There are 2 written assignments for this course:


Unit 1

1.1  Explore the relationship between the Yin Yang theory and Tai Chi practice. A written account - 1000 words max. Bullet points are allowed only where appropriate.


 Unit 2

2.1 Explain the 13 essentials of Tai Chi in relation to section 3 of Tai Chi Bang. Make a list including each of the 13 essentials and provide a brief explanation of each. Please use only a max of 50 words for each explanation which must be in your own words and not copied from the study guide.

Unit 3  

3.1 Perform the 3rd section of the Tai Chi Bang form showing precise postures and stability. This will be assessed at the final practical observation or through submission of a DVD recording


You are required to complete the Statement of Declaration. This should be signed and dated then handed to your assessor on the day of your final practical or sent by post with your DVD submission. Please download it by clicking here.


The following documents can be found below.

  • Marking Criteria for the written assignments - provides you with exact details of what to include in your assignments. 
  • Final Practical Observation Sheet - to help you see what the assessor and IV are looking for.
  • Guidelines for writing your reflective diary. Your reflective diary is not marked but your tutor does need to see it at the end of each unit.
  • Assessment plan - this needs to be sent to your tutor with each written assignment.