Ascentis Candidates have 2 written assignments for this course - Unit 1 & 4. The rest of your assessment is carried out during the final practical observation.  Ascentis candidates can click here to download a copy of the marking criteria that is used by tutors. 

REP's candidates have 1 written assignment - Unit 4. The rest of your assessment is carried out during the final practical observation.

References are not required at L2, but should you choose to include them in your handout, please ensure correct referencing is applied. 

1.1 Summarise the philosophy that Tai Chi is based on.

Please produce a handout for your learners/clients. This handout should summarise the philosophy of Tai Chi. Please keep the word limit to around 500 words - 600 words max, 400 words min.  Assignments not meeting this criteria will be returned.

Ensure that you cover the main 4 topics in this handout - Taoism (you must mention 2 key players and the foundation of Taoism), Yin Yang, Qi, Meridians and at least 1 acupoint that is important in Tai Chi Bang. Remember that the aim of this handout is to provide your learners/clients with a basic understanding so don't go too deep into the subjects.

Please email the completed assignment to your tutor for this unit.

4.1 Summarise the health and safety issues associated with teaching and performing the movements.

To provide evidence of your understanding of the health & safety issues that relate to both teaching and performing Tai Chi Bang, you are required to provide a summary of these issues. We suggest that you produce a table that lists the 4 main categories (Environmental, Resources & Equipment, Performance, Progression) and include all the relevant issues. Once you have completed the table, please add a few paragraphs as a summary after the table. If you are unsure where to start with this assignment, this is one of the things that we expect to see under Environmental:


  • Check suitable for exercising. Remember that the room will need to feel warm when people first arrive.
  • Temperature will vary depending on the time of year so instructor to keep a check.
  • Advise learners to bring water bottle to avoid dehydration.

You must use bullet points for this assignment - NOT an essay. You can make a table and then enter the relevant details using bullet points - you can start with the exact words that we've given you above. A template for this assignment can be found below - it has been started for you! Just click on the file then save to your computer. 

Please email your tutor to clarify things if you are at all unsure about the format for this assignment or what to include. It could save you time!


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