Final Practical Observations Dates & Guidance

At the bottom of the page you will find the final practical observation sheet. This will show you what is required for the practical assessment. Please remember that you will need to name the 3 core stances (Bow, One Leg Empty Leg, Central Equalibrium) that are used in the Bang plus the first 9 of the 13 Core essentials. You will also need to tell the assessor which of the Bang movements are core essentials e.g Casting the Net is Ward off, Brush Knee step is Step to the Left and Step to the Right, Go with the Flow is Forward Walking, Repulse Monkey is Backward Walking AND Roll Back etc etc.

On the final practical observation day, I would suggest that you perform the movements once, giving appropriate teaching points, and then demo the movements again, without the teaching points. We find that nerves often get the better of candidates during their practical assessment, so this provides you with 2 opportunities to show good, flowing movements.

You are also expected to demo the first 7 movements of the Bang, seated. You do not have to show the footwork for this though.

Assessments can be carried out either by attendance at a venue in Somerset or via a DVD recording submitted to your Personal tutor.  If submitting by DVD you will need to ensure that the quality of picture and sound is of sufficient quality to allow assessment.  If the DVD is of poor quality then you will be advised by your tutor and will be required to submit a further DVD for assessment.

Face-to-face assessments can be booked via you tutor.

 Below you will find dates that have been arranged for final observations. This is updated every few months, so please book in your final assessment. Please allow an hour for each assessment to take place.  A maximum number of 5 candidates can be booked in for each assessment. 

You will need to have completed the assignments at least 2 weeks before your final observation. This allows time for the tutor to mark your work and then forward it to the Internal verifier. If you cannot make this deadline you are advised to change your final observation date.

 How to Book

Select the date, time and venue that you wish to do your final practical.  Available slots are indicated by 0/1 in the appointments column.  Click on the magnifying glass to the right of your selected slot, this will confirm the date and time available.  Click on "Create new appointment" and enter your full name, and select the correct course from the drop down menu.  Once you have entered the correct information, just click on "create appointment" to confirm.  If you wish to verify the information.  You can click on the magnifying glass again, or the picture of the calender next to it, which will bring up your details.

Please do not leave gaps in between slots.  All appointments must be booked consecutively.  

Please contact your personal tutor immediately if you are unable to attend your final practical.